About Us


ello, my name is Nancy Berry and I am the Director of Nutri-Blends™.  Our purpose is to bring you the best herbal products and information to help you lose weight and overall sense of well-being. . Thank you in advance for your support.

We are a home based business that only works with premium quality materials and certified manufacturing partners in USA. We only use Organic and Non-GMO raw materials. All our ingredients have a certificate of analysis to ensure quality and FDA compliance.

For the past 7 years I been studding earning two certificate one in Traditional Medicine and the other in Neuroscience Principles (not practice). I continue studding herbs and how can they aid the body and my discoveries lead me to mingle with the medical field. I been researching for what is called medically-related reference resources to truly base my conclusions on the best available evidence and practice. Things that has been proven to work time after time again, from ancient knowledge to modern times. Because we only work with evidence base methodology you use the information in this site as reliable for the developing of our products and articles.

One of my must significant discoveries is that most of the pills to lose weight do not work, as is Garcinia Cambodia, Hoddia and others. Fat burners are misleading and to “burn fat” is actually the wrong term. My research will be available online soon, but you can search and you will find many people expressing their frustration. Due to this I created a ground braking product that will bring consumer more hope and trust to herbal products again.

Congratulations for taking the initial steps to your health! and from our entire team just know that we are here to support you, to help you and to make a difference in your life, so we welcome you to the Nutri-Blends family.


Nancy Berry