Autism Recovery

Early Signs of Autism

Nutri-Blends supports the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) which are a group of developmental disabilities that affect the brain. They make communicating and interacting with other people difficult. and parents suffers a lot as in many cases they do not know how to help their child. Because ASD affect people differently, they are referred to as “spectrum disorders.” They can range from mild to severe.

Not everybody with ASD has the exact same symptoms or the same skills. All people with ASD are unique therefore the rehabilitating treatment is also unique and is why what works with one child may not work with another child. This is why it is crucial you observe your child’s progress.

ADHD/ADD Overview

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and attention deficit disorder (ADD) symptoms may begin in childhood and continue into adulthood. ADHD and ADD symptoms, such as hyperactivity, impulsiveness and inattentiveness, can cause problems at home, school, work, or in relationships.

Here you will find Aid to recovery. We recognize the urgency parents may feel when confronted with a diagnosis of autism or a doubt, which may lead them to a black hole. The information out there can be confusing when it comes to treatment because each child is unique.  Our Purpose here is to simplify your search, and give you the head-star for you not to undertake desperate treatments that can lead your child to danger. Such as a treatment called Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS).  While many families spend years trying to detoxify their children, MMS introduces a known toxin into their bodies. MMS has properties similar to Clorox® bleach, which can burn the upper digestive tract. Given these issues, the Autism Research Institute advise against using MMS. As these treatment there are many others, and we ask to please try our products first. They are supported by scientific prove, parents and foundations, proven to do what it claims.

Lets Get Started

Before you consider a recovery plan, I usually recommend parents or caregivers to take The

Autism Treatment Evaluation Checklist (ATEC)

which was developed to assess the effects of treatment. In addition, parents and professionals have used the ATEC to monitor the general well-being of an individual over time.  If you would like me to review it, request by text to forward the results at +1 646-397-1109.

Be Your Child Advocate

You must educated yourself to be the best advocate for your child. Today autism is not hidden, and there is a lot of information available, but also a lot of charlatans as well. You have a crucial role in this process and you are required of certain skills, patience and knowledge to deal with your unique child. At the time you complete this article, you will have powerful information that will help you and your child thru this journey.

Ask Your Doctor

It is important to remember that if your child have a medical condition, he or she must be supervised by a Physician. Specially if condition like GI issues, or any syndrome like is the Sandifer Syndrome. If your child do not have any medical condition other than ASD, ADHD, Behavioral (usually associated with Gastro Intestinal issues) or Focus problems we recommend parents to request a blood test from the child’s primary doctor.  It is important as it will rule out the possibility of lead poisoning, and nutrients deficiency that can potentially be affecting them. One of the first thing I noticed is the nutrition deficiency must ASD kids have, like high cholesterol and low in vitamin D, triggering bad behavior. The next step is to select a start up treatment.

The Recovery Process

Step One: Learn about potential Toxins affecting your child:

Please take a moment to listen to  Stephanie Ray and Dr. Jeanette Gallagher talk about the current issues with toxins in our kids.

Environmental toxins have become integrated into our daily life with modern times. We know we need gas to make our cars run. We know we need preservatives to make our food last longer. We know we need to fly in airplanes to get from here to there. All of these things use chemicals that our human bodies cannot break down. What ends up happening is these chemicals store in the body and they accumulate. As they accumulate we notice our children are not as bright, not as calm. They can’t sit still in circle any more. They may have outbreaks on their skin. They have bowels issues. Their taste buds change and they will no longer eat foods that are wholesome.

Step Two: See if your child needs individual formula to address a specific issue:

Step 1 NDF® CalmStep 2 NDF® ShineStep 3 NDF® FocusStep 4 NDF® Happy


Step Three: see our Therapeutic Line (Practitioners Line, in many doctors office) to start a recovery plan:


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