Preblend Solutions

NutriBlends® PREX is the cutting-edge solution for manufacturing brand-specific flavored proteins. From replicating well-known flavors to creating unique profiles, our dedicated team meets your precise requirements. Our tailor-made approach revolutionizes protein manufacturing, empowering brands to unlock their product’s full potential. Collaborating with us allows you to replicate established flavors or co-create a unique profile, seamlessly integrating with your existing sources and infrastructure. Experience unparalleled flavor and quality across multiple facilities, while enhancing production capacity and optimizing business continuity.


With NutriBlends® PREX you will have a premix of your desired flavor in your hands. Other than the protein source no other ingredients are needed. The perfect solutions for brands who are well established and have different markets around the world which means to cut costs need production facilities in those parts of the world while containing the same product in taste and mixability. In our view the ultimate solutions if you want to streamline your brand around the globe and cutting costs drastically in R&D.

The only requirement we have is that you use the same protein source and let NutriBlends® PREX do the rest. With your PREX a detailed explanation is delivered for your manufactured how many percentage is needed to reach your desired end result.

Moreover NutriBlends® PREX will deliver you the final product specification sheets containing total ingredients and nutrition facts.

Summarized Benifits

Simple and clear written out what PREX can mean for your business. Have questions or specific details about PREX? Please contact our sales team for more information.

Tailormade Flavoring

1:1 CloneBlend

Seamless Integration

Optimal Cost Effiency

Versatil Manufacturing

Quality Assurance

Detailed Explanation

Incl Product Specification

Full traceability and documentation

Latest Flavor Technics

3 decades of experience

Worldwide Certified

Key Features

Flavor Creation

Clients can collaborate with the NutriBlends® PREX team to create a unique flavor profile aligned with their brand identity and market positioning. With extensive expertise in flavor development, NutriBlends® PREX ensures that each protein premix captures the desired taste, aroma, and sensory experience.

Seamless Integration

NutriBlends’ meticulously crafted premixes seamlessly integrate with clients’ protein sources and manufacturing processes, ensuring consistent product quality across various facilities. This eliminates the need for multiple flavor profiles or reliance on a single manufacturer, empowering our clients to strengthen their production capacity.


For clients desiring an exact replica of a specific brand’s flavor, NutriBlends® PREX offers CloneBlend. Our team meticulously analyzes and formulates a comprehensive flavor profile, delivering an uncanny replication of the target flavor’s strength and sweetness.

Optimal Cost Efficiency

By using NutriBlends® PREX, clients achieve cost savings by eliminating the need for extensive flavor development resources and equipment. They also gain the flexibility to scale production efficiently and optimize business continuity, resulting in heightened operational efficiency.

Versatile Manufacturing

NutriBlends® PREX empowers clients to manufacture protein products across diverse facilities, even with limited flavor blending expertise. This capability ensures consistent flavor while meeting changing market demands and expanding production footprint.

Quality Assurance

Each NutriBlends premix is meticulously tested to ensure top-notch flavor quality, meeting clients’ precise specifications. With NutriBlends® PREX, manufacturers gain enhanced capabilities, fortified brand equity, and unmatched adaptability to evolving market demands.

Want a PREX?

Starting a business with NutriBlends opens up a world of possibilities and satisfies your ever-curious mind. We are dedicated to supporting you every step of the way, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via phone or email. Our utmost joy comes from promptly and comprehensively addressing all your inquiries.