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Graphic designers from NutriBlends are seasoned designers with a combined experience of three decades. Our team of designers have worked countless hours for big supplement brands around the world. We make your label law compatible and print ready. Every element in our designs are crafted to be printed in the highest quality.

We are not the cheapest, but we do what we do the best.

Let's talk about facts

We can talk about experience but stats is saying so much more.

Brands build from scratch
Brand designs finished
Labels finished
Logo designs finished

The reason why you do branding.

Focus on quality

The world of supplements is highly competitive. How do you stand out by others with your brand? It is important to know which audience you would like to target. Stop waisting your budget into marketing and start making your brand.

Perfect packaging design will be eye-catching, visually pleasing and memorable to your audience worldwide.

Let us introduce you to the world of packaging and label design.

This is why you choose us

The best in the game

We follow trends and developments in the field of product appearance in sport and health supplements. We look beyond your brand and go the extra mile by researching what your target audience likes to see.

Years of knowledge in the field of packaging design have ensured that we can provide fully customized label design for our customers. We use color psychology in combination with modern design to lift your brand to a very high level in terms of appearance.

Total Solution

Packaging design is not only a design, it also needs the right solution. At NutriBlends we help you with the choice in your packaging. From full sleeves, pet jars, bags and more than 10 different finishes we have everything available to make your brand standout. Pick your options and we will handle the rest.

Materials & Finishes

Packaging design is not only created digitally. At NutriBlends we also print and produce your design in the highest quality available. We have exclusive finishes like 3d effect, Hot stamp, Uv spot, soft touch and transparent.

Sample bags, standup pouches and many more
Very flexible! We only use high-quality materials.
Pet jar sleeves
Shrink wrap
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Want a budget?

We reinvent the wheel. We have all the experience in our team of designers. Our designers are up-to-date to the latest trends thanks to working with supplement companies worldwide. Get your brand to the highest standards in the market. Let's discuss the opportunities.

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